Transform your German, Italian, French and Dutch digital and print documents into ready-to-use English files.

I am at home with all subject matters and specialise in technical and marketing texts. The scope of service I offer varies to meet your requirements. In every case my translation will be invisible: readers will think the text was written in English in the first place.
Your text accurately rendered
in perfect English.

In this game, you get extra marks for rigorous research and meticulous attention to detail. Take the challenge of translating specialist terminology correctly, a real headache for translators the world over (and the downfall of less proficient ones). Dictionaries rarely do the job: it’s best to research terms in existing English texts and make sure they back-translate. Ideally, you have a database of personally compiled examples dating back twenty years (tick) and a penchant for pedantry (double tick).

It’s not just what you say,
it’s how you say it.

Word-for-word accuracy isn’t always priority number one. When translating marketing texts or websites, producing dynamic and engaging language that communicates the right message is just as important. Successful marketing is culture specific too. In translation, I will tailor your website and marketing materials for English-speaking customers and maximise their impact.

Transcreation – where translation
and copywriting meet.

Creative teams and target audiences usually speak the same language, but when marketing campaigns travel abroad then everything changes. When required, I collaborate with an associate copywriter (clue: he had a hand in this website). Together we can translate creatively and strategically: staying true to the brief, delivering the right tone of voice and managing humour and wordplay. Such factors needn’t be compromised in translation; they may even be enhanced by it.

 The finished article.

If you would like the text laid out to your specifications in print-ready formats, that’s possible too. I work with an associate graphic designer, with 30 years’ experience in advertising and editorial design for print and digital media, who can create effective, eye-catching settings for my translations. (Clue number two: you’re looking at his work).

 Quality control.

Every translation is checked by a second pair of eyes. If the subject matter is particularly specialised, it is checked over by a third pair of eyes.

Other services.

Proofreading. Editing. As a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists I am authorised to translate certificates.


I calculate my fees on a sliding scale, depending on the scope of service you require.

Translators usually charge per word or per line. For example, a straightforward translation of a 500-word text, at a price per word of £0.20, will cost £100.

If the answer to one or more of the following questions is ‘yes’, the quote is likely to be higher:

Is it a complex text?

If so, the subject matter is likely to require more research. Lists contain fewer words than prose but, deprived of any context, they can take longer to translate accurately.

Does the English version need to pack a punch?

A four-word tag line will require more creative thought than five hundred words of a user manual, for instance. We might agree the text needs to be modified slightly to make it effective for an English-speaking market.

Is the job urgent?

I can often accommodate a tight turnaround but if I need to reschedule existing work the quote will reflect this.

Is graphic design or page-setting involved?

If you would like your documents to be returned ready to print the quote will rise (though it will almost certainly be more affordable than outsourcing the graphic design to a third company).

Editing and proofreading services are charged by the hour.

For certified document translation the minimum charge is £35 a document, the final price is dependent on document length and complexity.


Alternatively, email me direct: Or phone: +44 (0)20 8769 2967 or +44 (0)7960 496 983